Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daisies, Hibiscus & more ...


Prashanth.M said...

Hi Venu
amazing pictures. maaru pratee flower ni center lo petti portrait laa teestunnaru pictures. daani valla konchem repetition vastundi, which is not always good. EVery flower has an angle in which it really looks as it you should try other angles too..

in fact art and photography lo "rule of thirds" ane simple technique undi...adi try works well with flowers.

heres the link explaining rule of thirds

best of luck!

Rani said...

beautiful captures!

Venu said...

Thanks Prashanth.

I feel the same when i look back to my pics. All of them have the same angle. I tried to take in different angle too. But somehow, i didn't satisfy with them.

Sure, will try as you said.

Thank you Rani garu.

"There is beauty all around us when there's Love in our hearts"